Implementing Innovative Adformats in DFP

Let’s get started by understanding how to navigate within the interface. Once you login, with your DFP Account please follow the below steps in order to setup PubNX Innovative adformat via DFP.

Step1:  Creating a New Order:

For creating a new order, click on delivery tab on menu bar, then click on New Order.

While filling the mandatory fields, please select as per below instructions.

  1. Inventory size should be 1×1.
  2. Type should be Sponsorship
  3. Start time should be immediately
  4. End time should be unlimited
  5. Display Creative should be always as many as possible.

Step 2: Uploading Creatives/ Ad tags

a) Once all the mandatory fields are selected, scroll down and click on Save and select upload creatives.

b) After Saving,click on Third Party below the “All Tab”.

c) Copy paste the PubNX innovative adformat tagunder third party tag in Code Snippet.

Note: 1. Tag used should match the placement on web page.

2.The tag should have “stubUrl path”.

* Imp:  Uncheck the serve into safeframe

d) Save and Approve the settings.

Step 3: Creating Ad Unit:

Below are the steps for creating an Ad Unit :

Go to inventory tab, select new ad unit and then click on current level.

Now fill the Mandatory fields.

  1. Size should be Fixed sizee. 1×1.

Click on placements below the ad unit mention in the side bar.

Save the changes.

Step 4 : Creating Placements

Below are the steps for creating Creating Placements :

Go to Placement then click on New placement.

Now fill the mandatory fields and under assigned inventory include the ad unit which u have created for this line item.

Please refer below screen shot.

Step 5: Mapping Ad Unit, Creative and Placement

Below are the steps to map ad unit, creative and placement :

Again go to delivery tab and select your order and line item you have created.

In below browse tab you will get ad unit and placement that we need to map with this creative. Include ad unit and placement which you created.

In the same way select placement.

Save and Approve the settings.

Select generate tags from the side bar.


And include the ad unit created for this line item and click on Generate tags continue then copy the tags and paste in the respective manner on the web page you want to place innovative ad unit.