Innovative Ads via DFP

This document explains implementation of PubNX Innovative Adformats for publishers using DFP or serving ad inside an Iframe.

Iframe Busters are used to help certain type of rich media creatives perform their full function. The purpose of the Iframe buster is to allow the creative to break out of the Publishers Iframes so the creative can be fully functional. So to make these ads workable inside iframe or through DFP ,we use the concept of iframe busting. Iframe buster files are not required when tags are directly implemented on the webpages.

Typically it’s a file which needs to be placed in a folder on the sites domain. For example

This location will need to be referenced whenever you serve an Innovative ad format into the Iframe.

Implementation in PubNX Console

  1. Select “Add Iframe buster” while adding/editing Innovative adunits.
  2. Paste the complete URL where Stubb file is hosted. For example
  3. Click Submit.

Download the Stubb file here :-

How it works

  1. The HTML file allows PubNX to load their own javascript on the domain of the hosting HTML file. Normally, its a 3 step process.
  2. Ad loads within an iframe on an ad server domain ( versus the site domain.
  3. Ad detects its in such an iframe and loads in yet another iframe to an HTML file on, passing in parameters to the HTML file.
  4. HTML file then in turns loads in the ad (first finding the iframe the ad was loading in to determine location) and places it on the parent website DOM structure, which it has access to thinks to the fact that its the same domain.

Once the above process the done PubNX will be able to serve innovative ad formats on your publisher domain. You may contact your account manager for additional queries.